I’m crazy about some of the resources put out by Monk Development, a company that “leads the way in helping churches and organizations broaden their reach, deepen their engagement and develop their community using technology.” The Episcopal Church has partnered with Monk Development to provide web templates available for sale to churches. But they also put out a bunch of free – and really practical – resources. Here’s what I’m loving this week.

  • The Biggest Church Website Needs for 2013: This blog post names four enhancements that most churches could really benefit from: content organization, multimedia, interpersonal buy-in and building a professional website.
  • The Top Website Trends You Should Be Tracking: This eBook from MonkDev is free in exchange for your name and contact info. I’ve found that lots of us are a bit scared when it comes to analytics and measuring the success of our web tools. This resource simplifies that puzzle a bit.
  • Church Content Strategies: This white sheet will help you take a look at the content your church is producing, and how to make it better.

–Emily Cherry, Communications Officer

Posted by The Diocese


  1. Good things. Who writes this content? I’m just interested in “who is crazy about” these resources…nice to know whose opinion we’re reading. I will check it out!

    Peter Carey


  2. Thanks, Peter. I’ll start giving attribution. –Emily


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