Have you heard about Faith Street?It’s a free tool designed to help newcomers to a city explofaithstreetre a wide variety of churches in a particular area.

The Episcopal Church has a partnership with FaithStreet. “Our partnership with FaithStreet will give our congregations a new tool to promote their churches,” said Anne Rudig, Episcopal Church director of communication, in a press release.  “FaithStreet not only locates a church, but works with a congregation to present the mission and ministry done there in ways easily understood by a seeker. It goes beyond address and contact info to providing an ethos or ‘vibe’ of particular churches.”

You can search a particular city by denomination, service time and type of programming. Churches can upload their own profiles with pictures, maps, target keywords and upcoming events. It’s a pretty cool way to put yourself out there for those in search of a church home – and it’s also a great resource when you’re looking for a church on vacation.

For more information and to join FaithStreet: www.faithstreet.com.

Posted by The Diocese

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