Is your congregation trying to find new ways to bridge the gap between digital and print media? Consider the possibility of a web magazine to supplement your existing publications. The way it works is this: you create a publication – a newsletter, magazine, bulletin, flyer, etc. – and save it as a PDF file. You then upload that file to an online program that converts your PDF into a more user-friendly publication that can be viewed online.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using these programs:

      • Consider how you want to use an online magazine: is it a replacement for or a supplement to an existing publication? How will your visitors find and access the content? Will they continue to receive a paper copy – or will the paper and electronic versions have different, exclusive content?
      • The two programs I recommend are and – although there are many other reputable products out there.
      • Both and have two versions: a free version (with ads) and a paid version (with no ads and a few upgrades). Here at the Diocese, we use the free version of, and we have not experienced any problems with the ads.
      • The advantage of a web magazine over a regular PDF is that it functions more like a physical publication, but enhanced for the web. So all embedded links are “clickable,” all pages are “turnable” and “zoomable.”
      • Once you upload your publications to one of these websites, they’ll be hosted by that website and have their own library space (like this). Then, you can embed links to your publications on your own website, like this:

Click to view the full digital publication online
Read Virginia Episcopalian Magazine, Winter 2013

What do you think? Has your church had any success testing out web magazines?

–Emily Cherry, Communications Director

Posted by The Diocese

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