One year ago, about 800 members of the Diocese of Virginia embarked on a 365-day challenge Bible Challengeto read the Bible to completion in one year. Yesterday marked the end of that challenge. Some folks followed the recommended readings every day; others started the process, but fell out of the habit after a few weeks. Most considered the act of reading the Bible in a new light.

Here’s what just a few participants had to say:

“The process worked well for me because I never felt overwhelmed.  I guess it was around day 21 that the challenge just became a part of my day.  I have tried for years to read the bible from cover to cover and would always give up after Leviticus but with the way the Bible Challenge is set up you know you are only going to have read a chapter or two and that is it.” –Karen Smith, Diocesan Staff

“This discipline everyday for a year has been most challenging in so many ways.  It’s how I start my day off every morning and has become a part of the way I live my life.  I decided to take this challenge even one step further.  I decided to paraphrase, in very simple language into four journals, what I interpreted the readings to be about– so that should one day my children and grandchildren want to start reading the Bible, then maybe this will be of help to them.” –Sally Gunn, All Saints’, Richmond

“I have always had on my bucket list the reading t least once in my life of the entire Bible. You made it doable – more than that – a thoughtful day-by-day journey. I now have a more thorough understanding of God’s interaction with the Israelites with the journey towards the promised land and prosperity of Solomon, which I knew before.  I hadn’t really grasped until this year’s reading how badly they blew it and how grieved the Lord was.  It was moving to me to see how much God loved them despite justifiable anger at the nation’s betrayal of all they’d been shown and taught. And then Jesus was given….what a beautiful heritage we Christians have.” –Joan Jurenas, St. Alban’s, Annandale

A second phase of the Bible Challenge is well under way, but we’ll be rolling out Phase 3 toward the end of this year. Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, check out these resources for Bible study.

Posted by The Diocese

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