Have you spent much time exploring the Episcopal Church Center’s Episcopal Digital Network? It’s an online, ad-supported network made up of news, resources, blogs and more. Check out some of their offerings:

Lesson Plans that Work

lesson plansHere you can download thematic lesson plans and access some first-rate links and resources for Christian education. The lessons are organized around the liturgical calendar. So, for example, for August 18, you’ll find four lesson plans for Ordinary Time, Proper 13, Year C, surrounding Luke 12:13-21 on the theme of “Becoming Rich Toward God.” The lesson plans are divided by age group: One for younger children, one for older children, one for adults and one for all audiences. Each lesson plan is a PDF document with step-by-step guides, activities, prayers and discussion questions.

Sermons that Work

sermonsThis is a great site to find a little inspiration and guidance for sermon themes and topics. You can read submitted sermons from priests from across the Episcopal Church, too. The different sermons are divided by liturgical year. This site also contains a set of downloadable bulletin inserts, plus a series of topics for guided Bible Study. They’ve collected an archive of over 1,000 sermons since 1995, selected “for their universal qualities so that they may be useful to a wide variety of small congregations without full-time priests on staff.”

Episcopal Cinema

cinemaEpiscopal Cinema is a hub of multimedia offerings for the Episcopal Church Center, containing videos that profile different people and ministries from around the Church. Lots of these videos would be good jumping-off points for an adult forum. Most videos are short – around 3-6 minutes – and provide an interesting look at at a particular congregation or church in a “fresh and contemporary” way.

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