Our focus here on DioDocs has been on uber-practical resources – websites, book recommendations, whitepapers – that you can use and apply in your own parishes. But today, we thought we’d take a break from the practical and venture into the inspirational.

Take a moment to check out these blogs from three Virginia missionaries serving in the Episcopal Church Young Adult Service Corps. These three young women are stationed around the globe to build partnerships, offer resources and provide support. We think that you’ll find their blogs, linked below, to be treasure troves of inspiration. Find out why they felt called to mission work; learn about the work that they’ll be doing across the Anglican Communion; follow along with their journeys.

BingamanAshley Bingaman
Serving in the Diocese of Haiti for a second year, Ashley is a music teacher at the Holy Trinity Music School, Port-au-Prince.  In the fall of 2013 she will be the music program development assistant in Cap-Haitien.  Ashley is the first YASC missionary to be placed in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake. http://ashleybingaman.blogspot.com

Ashley Cameron

Serving in the Diocese of Santiago, Philippines, Ashley is a development assistant at the Episcopal Development Foundation of St. Mark, Santiago City. Ashley also served for one year as the intern in the diocesan office of mission and outreach.

GeigerKeri Geiger
Serving in the Diocese of False Bay, South Africa, Keri is a home-based care and support group facilitator at the Overstrand Care Center, Hawston.

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