p960ChurchNext, in partnership with Forward Movement, recently launched their new website, www.churchnext.tv, to offer online courses for individuals and congregations.

“ChurchNext is a great resource for Christians who want to deepen their faith and are unable to make it to church, however they want to hear from trusted experts and learn at their own pace, on their own time,” said ChurchNext founder Chris Yaw. Forward Movement produces pamphlets, booklets, books, ebooks, smartphone apps and digital resources on topics ranging from prayer and liturgy to stewardship and church history. Forward Movement (www.forwardmovement.org) came out of a charge to “reinvigorate the life of the church and to rehabilitate its general, diocesan, and parochial work.”

The online courses are part of a subscription service for Christian formation education. Instructors are from Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, Roman Catholic and Presbyterian backgrounds with a moderate perspective. Examples of courses are:

  • How to Forgive
  • How to Discern God’s Will
  • Holy Communion 101
  • How to Simplify Your Life
  • Start a Family Devotional Time
  • The Gospel of John
  • Introducing the Gospels

Individuals can sign up for $10 per course or $15/month for unlimited access. Congregations or individual groups can sign up for $59/month. Monthly subscribers receive unlimited access to ChurchNext courses. There are 20 courses available with one new course added each week. Courses are available 24/7 and give you an opportunity to interact with other ChurchNext members from around the world.

Posted by The Diocese

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