Church communication continues to evolve with social media. While many churches are already taking advantage of the benefits of using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, others are unclear of the benefits or are hesitant to get started.

We have a round-up of a few helpful articles that detail social media usage in the church, as well as advice on how to get started and how to use those platforms effectively.

The article, “The Rise of the @Pastor,” gives specific data on church usage of social media and the future impact of usage within ministry:

An interview with Deanna Mingo, founder and lead digital evangelist for Divyn Media, explores communication advice and tips on how to get started integrating social media into your communications:

The article, “22 Common Mistakes Most Churches & Non-Profits Make On Social Media,” is a great resource for double-checking your own social media strategy. Steve Fogg highlights what churches don’t do on social media that they should be doing:

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