3569The Committees of the Diocese of Virginia are powerhouses of helpful tips and information. Check out the valuable resources available on the following diocesan committee websites:

The Stewardship of Creation Committee is focused on sharing faith, formation and ideas for the care of God’s creation. A few of the resources available through their site include:

  • Green church projects – A place for churches to share their experiences in conserving energy and water.
  • Adult education – Recent talks, including a PowerPoint, to educate on a variety of topics ranging from water supply to Celtic spirituality and theology.
  • Youth programs – A place for churches to publicize programs they have used to engage youth in the morality of environment stewardship.
  • Book group choices – A list of books, including a description, that provide great starting places for a book club group.
  • Community outreach – A page dedicated to churches who support environmental stewardship and justice in their communities.
  • Blog – Topics range from climate change and justice to water supply and water quality.

Information on the September 21 conference, The Challenge of Food Sustainability: Preserving Biodiversity, Forests, Cropland, Water, is available on their website. The conference will explore the challenges posed by agricultural sustainability and food insecurity for preservation of forests, protection of cropland, water resources, seas and oceans, and preservation of biodiversity.

The Mental Health Committee provides resources to clergy, lay leadership and mental health professionals about mental health issues.

Available on the website are workshop templates to enable clergy and lay leaders to educate parishioners on important mental health topics. Topics include depression and bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicide prevention and awareness. The templates include a PowerPoint, PDF and Word file. In addition, the Committee on Mental Health offers seminars for individual parishes based on their needs. Topics include:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Child Abuse
  • ADHD
  • Divorce
  • Talking to your children about sexual issues
  • Helping children manage change
  • Including Prayer in mental health treatment

Additional information on scheduling a seminar is available on the website.

The Committee on Aging is dedicated to fostering ways to encourage older adults to live out their lives with purpose in the knowledge that all God’s children–whatever their age–are sustained by God’s grace. They provide workshops, recognize long-term marriages and offer opportunities for spiritual renewal and physical refreshment.

Their upcoming event, Fall Camp 2013, will take place October 21-24 at Shrine Mont. The theme this year, “Discovering Ourselves Anew” offers an opportunity for seniors from across the commonwealth to spend time together attending workshops and sessions.

In addition to information on the upcoming Fall Camp, their site also offers a list of senior housing and daily devotions.

The Committee on Race and Reconciliation mission is to support the Diocese, its churches, committees, commissions and related organizations in eliminating racism and encouraging cultural diversity, recognizing and incorporating the diverse & enriching gifts of all races and cultures.

The site offers an extensive list of resources including articles, books, Episcopal links on racism, national church documents, programs and resolutions. In addition, they offer impact of slavery reports, recent news and announcements. Their blog, Meet Me in Galilee, explores news stories and articles covering slavery, emancipation and the church.

If your diocesan committee is interested in creating a website – or if your committee has a resource to share on the DioDocs blog – please contact Emily Cherry, communications director at the Diocese, echerry@thediocese.net.

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