The Diocese of Virginia is proud to partner with the Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) and offer you their 2013 annual pledge campaign resource: The Flourish in Faith Stewardship Narrative Series, available on the TENS website in the members-only section.

TENSOur Diocese is a member of TENS, an organization committed to inspiring generosity and faithful discipleship. A primary benefit of membership is that all congregations throughout the Diocese have access to the 2013 Stewardship Narrative Series, a program designed to complement and support the fall annual giving program.

To access the series, please contact Emily Cherry at for password and log-in information. Access is only available to Diocese of Virginia congregations.

This year, seven contributing writers plant the seeds of stewardship and faithful giving in connection with Luke’s Gospel, beginning Sunday, October 6 and continuing through November 10. You will see that we have included two reflections for the Sunday celebrating All Saints Day, recognizing that some congregations use the All Saints Day readings and others use the lectionary propers.

You will have access to the following materials:

  •   Seven Bulletin Inserts to include Worship Bulletins, E-Newsletters, E-Blasts beginning October 6 through November 10th.  Each reflection includes discussion questions that can be used for adult formation gatherings.
  • Pledge card and proportional giving chart.
  • Prayers of the People to be used in liturgy over the course of six weeks.
  • Prayer over the Pledge Cards to be used at the in-gathering of pledges.
  • Introductory Letter from the Rector/Vicar
  • Introductory Letter from the Stewardship Chair
  • Letter of Encouragement from the Senior Warden

Thank you to TENS for making this resource available!

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