Here’s a roundup of trending topics in the church world this week. What’s on your mind?

  • Matt Marino, post-Young Life Episcopal priest, explores in his blog post “Why I dropped church and joined the church” the reasoning behind his transition from the relevant church to what he calls The Church, a church unconcerned with being “relevant” and one that is focused on “one canon, two testaments, three creeds, four ecumenical councils over five centuries.”
  • The Huffington Post article “How 9/11 Changed Religion in America” asked readers and bloggers to submit their reflections on how the events of 9/11 have impacted their religious beliefs.  Submissions represent the diversity in background and religion of the American people.
  • ECF Vital Practices released a webinar entitled “Stewardship for the New Millennium.” The webinar explores how stewardship is more than raising funds, and how it can be an opportunity to grow in faith and spirituality within the Episcopal community.
  •  At a fundraiser for “Women of Equity” Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori received an award for her achievements and acted as keynote speaker. The Episcopal News Service released a transcript of her speech on women in leadership.
  • Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori released a statement regarding the recent United Thank Offering board resignations. The statement was in response to two board members who spoke publicly of the proposed new bylaws saying, “The United Thank Offering board will possibly be rendered powerless and voiceless by Episcopal Church leadership.”Bishop Jefferts Schori spoke of the United Thank Offering, saying it is, “a ministry of the whole church, and has been overseen since its beginning through members of the Episcopal Church Women and mission staff of the DFMS. It is not, and has never been, a separate corporation, and the current state of law in the United States (where the DFMS is incorporated) requires accountable connections with the corporation which holds non-profit status.  That reality prompted a clarification of relationships between the United Thank Offering and the DFMS, with work begun in Executive Council in 2008.” Read the full article here.

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