We were beyond excited to host our first diocesan-wide webinar last week – and it was quite a success!

WebinarThe focus of this free webinar was “Thinking Outside the Box with Social Media.” Almost 100 people registered to explore how to turn their churches’ social media presences into strategies.

Here are just a few tips and take-aways from the event.

  • Some folks – particularly in the church world – shy away from social media because they feel it’s a poor replacement for person-to-person relationships. And that’s true: Social media is a horrible replacement for person-to-person relationships! Which is why it’s important to look at social media not as a replacement for human interaction, but as a companion to it. Social media gives another dimension to existing relationships. Its very name implies as much: social media. It’s driven entirely by relationships, and is about building up community. For that very reason, it’s a natural extension of your church’s ministries.
  • Social media is not a static being. When someone comments on your Facebook post, start a conversation, or like their post – but do something! Follow other churches on Twitter, comment on other organizations’ blogs. By being an active part of the social media world, you build a reputation for being responsive and present. And that’s a good thing.
  • Start somewhere. Pick one audience to target, create one goal and use one social media outlet to reach that goal. It’s helpful to know all of the options available to you, but since most of us don’t have full-time staff members devoted to communications strategy, we have to prioritize and make things a bit more manageable.

Did you miss out on attending our first webinar? You can access a recorded version online!

Recorded Version of Webinar
(You’ll need to enter your e-mail address to receive access) 

Also, be sure to check out these social media resources for churches – you’ll find some great tips and recommended resources.

–Emily Cherry, Communications Director

Posted by The Diocese

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