The Diocese is about to publish the eighth issue and complete the second year of the Virginia Episcopalian magazine. We thought this would be a good opportunity to share a few of the electronic communication resources available for digital publication.

19854The digital edition of a print publication is formatted identically to the print version. They offer several benefits to both publisher and reader. One obvious benefit is the cost savings of paper and delivery. The other benefit is they are interactive for the reader. You can access hyperlinks within the publication, bookmark pages, search for specific terms and even access multimedia offerings such as videos or animation.

A few of the digital publication platforms available are:

YUDU: We currently use YUDU for the digital publication of the Virginia Episcopalian. You can visit to explore past issues and see first-hand how it works.

A few benefits of YUDU include:

  • One of the most experienced companies in the digital publishing field,
  • Easy to use and does not require extensive training to get started publishing.
  • Access to services from anywhere using their web-based platform. You can publish to iPAD, Android and the web.
  • Ability to include slide shows, videos, audio and animation.
  • Able to control subscriptions by allowing the publication open to everyone or limited through individual purchase or rental.
  • Build digital archives of your publications.

YUDU has three options available:

  • YUDUFree: This is the option we use for the Virginia Episcopalian. This option is best suited for the user who wants to make their magazine or newsletter available online and is not actively advertising or marketing their publication to a wider audience.
  • YUDUplus: For an annual fee of $149.50 you can sell your publication in the online YUDU store as a single purchase or subscription. With this upgrade you also have access to additional tools to enhance your publication.
  • YUDUPro: This option is for the publisher looking to integrate third-party email, self-host publications and have access to even more support. Prices are by quote only.

 Issuu: This digital publishing platform is one of the top publishing networks. A few benefits of Issuu include:

  • Pre-set the publishing date.
  • Ability to share publication via all major social media sites.
  • Users can upload up to 500 pages per publication.
  • Detailed statistics and analysis including search engine optimization.
  • Option to order print.
  • Audio supported through the publication.

Issuu has three options available:

  • Free: This option includes all the essential features to start publishing digitally.
  • Plus: Free trial. $29/month. This option includes targeted distribution and site integration.
  • Premium: Free trial. $39/month. This option is the plus version with customization.

Turnit: An up and coming digital publishing platform that is entirely free. This option is best suited to those who are seeking a simple, no frills option. To get started you sign-up and upload a PDF of your file.  You may offer your publication online entirely free (or partly free) or you may sell online subscriptions. If you choose to sell online subscriptions through Turnit you split profits 50/50.

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