We wanted to take some time to help folks get to know the resource center that’s available to you.

staff brochureCheck out the Fall 2014 diocesan brochure: “We Are the Staff: You Are the Diocese.”

We are here to serve you. Some of us are cradle Episcopalians, others from different faith traditions. Some of us are newcomers, others veteran staffers. All share a dedication to the mission of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia.

In recent months, we’ve done a bit of reorganizing on diocesan staff. Some staffers have new responsibilities and job titles, and we’ve even made a couple of top-notch new hires. The idea was to realign our collective experience and skills to better match the needs of the Diocese – and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

You’ll find most of us based out of Mayo Memorial Church House, a cool, 1840s mansion in downtown Richmond, and we also have an office at The Falls Church. But those buildings aren’t where “the Diocese” is located. The Diocese is all of us, from Heathsville to Harrisonburg and from Richmond to Reston, who join together as a church community with a common mission. The diocesan staffers are just the ones here to help make those connections and help you build up those ministries.

So give us a call, send us an e-mail or even invite us to your parish. We’d love to get the chance to know you better. Check out our Online Staff Directory for our bios and contact information.

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