Here’s a roundup of trending topics in the church world this week. What’s on your mind?

  • The November issue of the Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vestry Papers features an article by Liz Bartenstein, communications manager for St. Paul’s, Richmond, about their downtown mission program. ecf_logoThe November issue of Vestry Papers, available in PDF format, focuses on the central theme of “Answering Jesus’ Call: Go Out!” You’ll find articles and inspiration about evangelism and community engagement
  • The Episcopal Church Building Fund commends this article from the Oct. 7 Wall Street Journal: “Churches Take a Stand on Pews, Replacing Them with Chairs.” The ECBF also has a new e-book available.
  • The Barna Group explores three trends redefining the information age, and what that means for faith groups and the Christian community. Most interesting, perhaps? “People are moving beyond mere facts and information, and are looking for holistic integration of faith and life.”
  • Judson Press will offer a free webinar series with the author of Seven Creative Models for Community Ministry. The series kicks off Nov. 12 with “Create a Passion for Community Ministry in Your Church.”

Posted by The Diocese

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