diohomepageWe’ve compiled the top 10 most frequently visited pages of the diocesan website, and a highlight of the information available on each.

1.  On the Church Directory page you can search for a church by name, town, region or zip code. Each listing contains the address, driving directions and phone number.

2. The Staff Directory page lists each diocesan staff member, title, e-mail and phone number. Check out our bios for more info about each staff member!

3. The Open Positions page lists open clergy and lay positions. You will find full job descriptions and contact information for application.

4. The Annual Council page includes all the information you need for the current Annual Council. You can register for online or download registration forms to mail in. In addition, you can book your hotel reservations through a direct link to the hotel. Forms are available for download if you are interested in exhibiting, submitting nominations, or submitting resolutions and canonical amendments.

5. On the Church Finance page you can download audit forms as well as find the appropriate contact in the finance department for your question or concern.

6. The Congregations and Vestries Resources page offers a list of resources and support for congregational development. In addition, you can find the cycle of prayer, information for a leadership program for musicians and the bishops’ visitation procedures.

7. On the Clergy Resources page,you will find links to the most commonly requested forms for use by Diocese of Virginia clergy, whether canonically resident, under license, serving parochially or serving in another capacity. Forms are available for download.

8. The Events page lists diocesan events and workshops, diocesan leadership and governance meetings, discernment and formation events, church events, and prevention of misconduct and abuse workshops.

9. On the Visitations and Licensing page you will find the visitation schedule, rites of initiation and visitation forms available for download.

10. The News Room page lists press releases, YouTube video messages from the Diocese and links to past issues of the Virginia Episcopalian.

How did we figure out the top 10 pages on our site? Google Analytics. The Google Analytics program gathers information on traffic to your site and reports that information back to you. First you sign up for an account. Then you add the tracking code they provide to all of your pages. The Analytics program is then able to track visitors to your site and analyze which pages receive the most traffic. You can use this information to learn what people are searching for the most on your site, and what content you need to focus your energy on improving and expanding.

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