Today’s Readings: Psalm 5, 6; Psalm 10, 11 ; Amos 3:1-11; 2 Pet. 1:12-21; Matt. 21:12-22

A reflection from Bill Martin, Assistant to the Secretary

December3_ImageThis most heartwarming symbol of this time of year for me is light. I see Christ’s love through the light.

From the Christmas lights decorating houses and buildings all over town to the multiple strands of tiny lights wrapped around every Christmas tree, it is like seeing God’s love every place I look. During Advent, as I prepare myself for the birth of Jesus, the lights are a constant reminder of God’s love and my struggle to understand how God is revealing his love to me.

When I was young, like most kids, the darkness was scary. I would sleep with a light on to keep the monsters at bay. But, as I got older, I learned that I could use the darkness to hide from things I want to forget about or didn’t want to deal with. The darkness helped keep me blinded to those things that I feared or were painful. However, by languishing in the darkness, I end up closing myself off from God and all the marvelous things he had in store for me.

What God did was to shine his light into my darkness and illuminate the beauty of the world around me. He continues to light my path so that I might bring Christ’s love into the world. I am reminded that, even in the darkness, when things seem so bleak, the light of one candle can give us hope and begin to show us the way. God continually provides opportunities for me to be a witness of his love to those around me.

Like the light from the star in the East that guided the wise men to the light that radiates from a child’s face when they see Santa Claus, this is my inspiration for the season.

When I share my gifts and my treasures, the joy and love that appears in the faces of others allows me experience Christ through them. God uses his light in my heart to help me see the needs of our community and uncover the places where I can share Christ’s love with the world.

During this Advent season of preparation, I encourage you to look out of the darkness and follow the light to find the path that God has placed before you and you will experience all the miraculous gifts of God’s love. Where will the light of Christ’s love lead you?

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