Today’s Readings: AM Psalm 37:1-18; PM Psalm 37:19-42; Amos 9:1-10; Rev. 2:8-17; Matt. 23:13-26

A Reflection from the Rev. Gary J. Barker, Rector, Kingston Parish, Mathews

019“May your foundations shake!” the exasperated prophet Amos bellows. May you shake until you trust God and not your own strength or success or talent. May you shake until you stop hurting yourself and others! We’re all pharisaic blind guides (see the Matthew passage) if we try to lead our own way for ourselves or others. But to persevere in faith. That is the loving way forward. Even if we must face all the challenges of this life: uncertainty, poverty, hunger, sickness, war, hatreds – even then we can wait for the Lord’s salvation in faith and with love. Not with certainty. Not with grand riches, financial or spiritual. But hungry, with an Advent hunger for the coming of the Lord, for justice and peace here on earth and in our lives.

This Advent, may we shake until we slough off our false hopes and distracting beliefs and find the true light that is coming into the world again and always. This Advent, may we work for the justice and peace that seem so elusive, expensive or just plain beyond our reach. For at Christmas, justice and peace will be born in the uncertainty and poverty, hunger and hatred of Bethlehem to show us what faith looks like.

For your musical reflection: A Little Love Song, Joshua Barker, 2013

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