We hope that you are enjoying the daily meditations on this blog, and are taking time for prayerful reflection this Advent season.  We know that this is not the only Advent resource available, so each week we hope to share a few other suggestions for you to check out.  If you have something you think should be included in our weekly “Advent Round-Up” post, include as a comment or email to Paris Ball (pball@thediocese.net).

First, Following the Star is a daily devotional site put on by d365; a daily devotional series (not just during Advent!) produced by Passport, Inc. and sponsored in part by the Youth Ministries Office of the Episcopal Church. Each day you can go to their site and spend a few minutes listening to music and reading a short biblical passage and reflection. It’s a beautiful website, and the reflections are brief.

Following the Star

Next, Living Compass has produced an Advent daily reflection e-book that is available for the season. Each day brings a bit of Scripture and a prayer or question to meditate on for the day. Click here to start with the reflection for Advent 2, and follow along at home as we enter the last full week of Advent.


Finally, Advent Conspiracy has been around for some years, but it is still a fantastic resource that reminds us not to get caught up and lost in the commercialization and stress that often accompanies the days leading up to Christmas. With a plain call to “worship fully, spend less, give more, [and] love all,” there are plenty of videos and materials available on their website to check out. One aspect of their site that is particularly interesting is their 2013 Advent Calendar – where each day’s button will connect you with an agency who is working for good in this world, a scripture passage to reflect on for the day, or a call to action that will remind you what is more important than Christmas shopping.


We hope these additional resources enhance the season for you, and encourage you to share your additional resources with us!

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