cpgIf you work for the Episcopal Church, then you’re most likely familiar with the Church Pension Group. Consisting of the Church Pension Fund and other companies, CPG provides:

  • Pension and related benefits to eligible clergy and lay employees
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Health benefits
  • Property and casualty insurance for Episcopal churches and institutions
  • Book and music publishing, including the official worship materials of the Episcopal Church.

In other words, CPG is a massive resource center for the Episcopal Church.

We wanted to take a moment to share with you a bit more info about this important organization.

  • Their mission is to serve clergy, lay employees and their families, in addition to the parishes, dioceses and other institutions of the Episcopal Church.
  • Their affiliated companies include Church Publishing and the CREDO Institute.
  • The organization was founded in 1913.
  • The Fund has paid over $3 billion to eligible retirees and dependents since its inception.

Check out CPG’s newly released Treasurers’ & Administrators’ Letter for some important info on changes that have occurred in the last year regarding pension, disability and retirement plans.

Posted by The Diocese

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