159It’s that time of year again, folks! Lent Madness! If you are unfamiliar with Lent Madness and its bracketology:

The brainchild of Rev. Tim Schenck, Lent Madness began on his blog, “Clergy Family Confidential.” The idea is simple: 32 saints are placed into a tournament-like, single-elimination bracket. People vote for their favorite saint during a set period of time. 16 saints make it to the second round, followed by 8, then 4, closing at 2, with the winner awarded the Golden Halo.

Today marks the showdown between Anna Julia Cooper and Joseph of Arimathea. This doesn’t really feel like a fair matchup since Joseph of Arimathea is known for burying Jesus after the crucifixion. And who can forget his role guarding the Holy Grail in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”?

Anna Julia Cooper is an American saint who we honor each year on February 28.  It is true she did get her own postage stamp back when stamps cost 44 cents and her words can be found in your updated US Passport [pages 26-27], but Joseph of Arimathea has had longer to get his story told, so be sure to check out Anna Julia Cooper’s story.

In the Diocese of Virginia we have our own connection to Anna Julia Cooper. In the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond you’ll find Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School, an independent, faith-based middle school for students of limited resources primarily from Richmond’s East End neighborhood. In fact, two students from AJCES were readers at Bishop Goff’s consecration!

We call on you to vote for our own saint  – Anna Julia Cooper! As an Episcopal educator and author she devoted her life to academics, education and the pursuit of social justice. “Our money, our schools, our governments, our free institutions, our systems of religion and forms of creeds are all first and last judged by this standard: what sort of men and women do they grow?”

Voting for this round of Lent Madness ends Tuesday, March 11th at 8 a.m.

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