Here’s a roundup of trending topics in the church world this week. What’s on your mind?

  • An article from the Religious News Service details a few of the overlooked reasons Millennials are leaving religion and where they are going. “One third of American Millennials who have left their childhood religion did so at least in coffeepart because of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric or teachings.”
  • The Barna Group explores how believers today participate in Lenten traditions. “The conventional wisdom says younger people are anti-tradition—that young Christians rebel against rituals they may deem ’empty’ or antiquated. However, the data shows Millennial Christians express distinctive interest in this ancient discipline—even more so than among their parents’ generation.
  • The Center for Church Communication has a new e-book series available to help you get started in church communication. This new series covers writing, websites and landing a job.
  • SocialMediaToday has a handy infographic to help you construct relevant social media content across popular social media platforms.
  • Out of concern for clergy education and clergy/lay formation, ECF has launched Vital Teams. This program is meant to strengthen lay and clergy leadership teams through practical tools and resources.

Posted by DioStaff

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