The Diocese of Virginia is a member of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS), an organization committed to inspiring generosity and faithful discipleship.  A primary benefit of membership is that all congregations throughout the Diocese have access to the 2014 Walking the Way Stewardship Narrative Series and Annual Giving Campaign.  The series will be available in Spanish, Chinese and Korean in June 2014.


To access the series, please contact Julie Simonton at for the username and password to the members-only section of the TENS website.

The Walking the Way series is designed to help your stewardship ministry team lead the congregation step by step through a six-week annual giving campaign.  This year, eight contributing writers reflect on the Gospel lections, beginning Sunday, Oct. 5 and continuing through Sunday, Nov. 9, weaving in a stewardship principle or practice that invites the readers to reflect on their own journeys of giving and their walks with Christ.  You will find two reflections for the Sunday celebrating All Saints Day, recognizing that some congregations use the All Saints Day readings and others use the designated RCL lections.  In addition, you will find a reflection celebrating the Feast Day of St. Francis for Sunday, Oct. 5.

The Walking the Way series includes:

  • Eight Bulletin Inserts to include Worship Bulletins, E-Newsletters, and E-Blasts beginning October 5th through November 9th.  Each reflection includes discussion questions that can be used for adult formation gatherings.
  • Pledge card and proportional giving chart.
  • Prayers of the People to be used in liturgy over the course of six weeks.
  • Prayer over the Pledge Cards to be used at the in-gathering of pledges.
  • Introductory Letter from the Rector/Vicar to four distinct groups in the congregation:

•    New Members/Members who are New to Pledging
•    Members whose giving has remained the same for a long period of time
•    Members who are giving proportionally
•    Members who tithe

  • Thank you letter from the Rector/Vicar
  • Introductory Letter from the Stewardship Chair
  • Letter of Encouragement from the Senior Warden
  • Thank you letter from the Stewardship Ministry Team as pledges are received
  • Template to Evaluate Campaign

In addition, we will host the webcast of the 2014 TENS Walking the Way Stewardship Conference, featuring Joan Chittister, at multiple sites throughout the Diocese.  Please stay tuned for further information about how the best of the TENS Conference will come to you.  To learn more about the TENS Conference, June 6-7 at Emory University in Atlanta, visit

We give thanks to the ministry of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship for helping us all to take the next step in discipleship through the practice of giving and generosity.

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