I’m just back from the Episcopal Communicators’ Annual Conference in Chicago. It was a jam-packed time of workshops, keynotes, fellowship and networking, and I wanted to share some tips and take-aways that might be helpful at the parish level.


From Catherine Kohn’s “Writing for the Internet”

  • When writing for the Web, you need to get to the point – and fast. Use chunks of text, infographics and sidebars to get your readers more engaged.
  • Integrate “Share” buttons in your online content to make it easy for folks to help you spread the word about your stories via social media.
  • Promote interactivity through surveys, quizzes or polls.

From Patti Wolter’s “Thriving in Today’s Brand New Magazine World”

  • Check out The New York Times’ 2012 “Snow Fall” article for an example of a modern, integrated digital magazine experience.
  • Think of your story as an experience, and strategize accordingly.  Think about the ambiance you want to convey through photos, audio, video and layout.
  • Trust your audience to find your story – but allow for multiple points of entry (through websites, social media, etc.).

From Meredith Gould’s “Digital Ministry: Starting with and Sticking to Strategy”

  • Your social media strategy should consider audience, goals and message.
  • Your primary audience is typically your current members and frequent visitors. Your secondary audience is those who are curious about your congregation, or who are seeking a church. Keep the primary audience in mind.
  • Goals need to be anchored in reality and have a reasonable likelihood of being achieved.
  • Messages should be clear, jargon-free and actionable.
  • Consider enlisting some social media brand ambassadors in your congregation to help you spread the word.

–Emily Cherry, Communications Director

Learn more about the Episcopal Communicators organization.

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