At this year’s Bishop’s Spring Conference for Clergy, Lay Professionals and Spouses,  we gathered under the theme, “And Press With Vigor On” as we theologically addressed the question of identifying the “elephants” in the room – both in a congregational setting and in our relationships with God. Speaker Susan Luff framed our discussion in the Bowen Theory, a systems-thinking approach to the study of human behavior.


We’ve rounded-up resources from Susan Luff’s presentation and the breakout workshop sessions:

  • On June 10, Susan will lead a Q&A discussion on the subject of Bowen theory and the brain, a presentation by Dr. Bolea. Learn more.
  • Susan Luff will offer a Bowen Theory Phone Consultation Forum on Self-Differentiation and  Accessing Wisdom this fall. The forum will be eight monthly sessions for two hours. Learn more.
  • The “Panel Discussion: Confirmation” workshop was an opportunity for people representing many different congregations in our Diocese to come together in conversation about confirmation – and how to best prepare for it. We began by sharing our own memories of confirmation, and then moved to exploring how to best plan a preparatory program (Mentors are great! Weekend retreats are fun!). We shared our own challenges and successes, and reminded each other that there is no RIGHT way to prepare for confirmation, and what is right in one context may not work in others. Best practices and resources were shared by all – not just the “leaders.”  Information includes Designing a Program of Inquiry for Confirmation, Confirmation in the 21st Century, Materials for Mentors, and Overview of Confirmation Materials.
  • The “How to be an Intergenerational Congregation” workshop covered an approach to making learning accessible across age groups. Resource materials cover the theories, multi-generational learning time on the theme: “Taste and See that the is Good!”, and a simple checklist of all the materials needed to replicate the workshop.
  • The “Welcome Newcomers” workshop opening prayer is available here. For more information on the Newcomer Ministry Project website and curriculum, visit the Diocese of Texas website.

Mark your calendars now for next year’s Bishop’s Spring Conference at Shrine Mont, May 4-5!



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