social mediaIf you’re a social media junkie who’s in charge of your church’s Facebook page, then you might have noticed a bit of buzz in recent weeks about algorithms and something called “organic reach” on Facebook. Maybe you’ve noticed fewer “likes” on your posts, too? What’s going on is that Facebook has updated the formula they use to show your posts to people. What it boils down to is that organizations that pay to “boost” their posts, or take out ads, are getting more traffic. Meanwhile, those of us with no social media marketing budgets are suffering when it comes to page engagement. [Disclaimer: This is a super-simplified explanation of the situation!]

But this isn’t necessarily reason to be discouraged when it comes to Facebook! There are steps we can take to improve Facebook interaction – and we don’t have to be a social media professional to implement them.

You can find out a LOT more on the subject in these uber-helpful links:

Most of us are not going to be able to dedicate a huge amount of time to studying social media analytics and testing different strategies. Instead, we offer a few guiding principles to keep in mind.

  • It’s all about quality content. Continue to post interesting photos, engaging questions and the other content that your congregation needs and wants.
  • Encourage your parishioners to get involved. Consider appointing several “social media ambassadors” who proactively seek out your posts to like and share them.
  • Keep up your frequency. Consider posting to Facebook at least once a day – and don’t forget that you can schedule your posts for weekends, too.

Have you had any problems with your Facebook posts reaching your intended audience?

Posted by The Diocese


  1. Thanks for linking to my article on Key Resources! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.


    1. Awesome – thanks, Chris! That article was a huge help to me! –Emily Cherry, DOV Communications


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