Many of us are involved in social media in our personal lives. We have Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards or Instagram pics. But applying those same technologies to the church world can seem more than a little intimidating.

The diocesan Office of Communications has developed an eight-minute “mini-module” to address some of the most common concerns that congregational leaders encounter when it comes to social media, and help ease some of the anxiety that can accompany this type of communication.

We recommend that church groups show this short video at the next meeting of your vestry, communications team or adult forum. Then, use the accompanying Facilitator’s Handout to jump start a conversation about how your church wants to approach and expand social media use to enhance your ministries.

social media webinarLooking for more communications handouts? Visit our e-Resources hub for Communications & Evangelism to access more webinars, whitepapers and articles. Is there a resource missing that you’d like us to develop? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted by The Diocese

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