We’ve been blogging away here at DioDocs now for almost two full years! That adds up to 148 posts on everything from worship to communications, from finance to mission – all with a focus on providing a fresh resource to equip you and your congregation for ministry.

Now that we have a bit of blogging experience under our belts, we thought we’d take a moment to provide a few tips for churches that are interested in entering the blogosphere.

blog1. Think about the unique content that you have to offer. What resource, reflection or thought are you exceptionally well-positioned to offer your audience?

2. Keep it short. Under 500 words is a safe bet when it comes to length.

3. Use pictures and graphics. You’re fighting for limited attention spans that are used to a high level of graphic engagement – so plan accordingly. Check out Creation Swap for some good stock photos for church use, if you’re in a pinch.

4. Be reliable. Pick a frequency that works for you and stick to it, so your readers come to expect – and look forward to – your content.

5. Make it social. Cross pollinate your blog content with your website and social media channels to draw attention to your posts. Many folks don’t feel comfortable posting comments on a blog – but they’re more likely to engage via Facebook or Twitter.

6. Look at the competition – and take their lead. Many of the most successful blogs out there are, unsurprisingly, not church-related. So think about some of the secular blogs you follow – whether they involve food, fashion, sports or politics – and consider what makes them successful. Are there any concepts or ideas you can borrow from your favorite blogs that would make your church blog more effective?

Does your church or rector publish a blog? Have any recommended reading, or tips to add to the list? Share in the comments below!


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