Although the temperature outside is dropping, things in the Office of Christian Formation are just starting to heat up as we prepare for Shrine Mont Camps 2015. The dates for each and every one of our camp sessions are set, camp descriptions are ready to help you decide what camp is the best fit for your camper, and we’ve even begun hiring for several director positions.


While all of these pieces are very exciting for us, we understand that it may be a bit tricky to get enthused – or even start thinking – about summer camp when we’re getting ready to head into winter and the holiday season. So we are here to help you out! We’ve pulled together several articles – including one from our very own camp blog – to get you thinking about camp, remind you how much FUN camp is and touch on how formative a summer camp experience can be for children.

So what are you waiting for? Let the excitement for Shrine Mont Camps 2015 commence!

  • What’s Needed to Prepare Your Child for the Future? The Answer May Surprise You…”- Todd Kestin, a life skills mentor, discusses how summer camp can prepare youth for college and later life by helping to develop invaluable social and decision-making skills.Jumping05
  • “Summer Camp Experience” -Through an interview format, Andrea Foote, the director of an Episcopal summer camp in the Diocese of California, shares how lasting the impact of summer camp can be on campers’ and counselors’ faith formation, identity and confidence.4thofJuly006_cropped
  • “Summer Camp Formation – Why Does it Work SO Well?” – A Shrine Mont Camps 2014 chaplain, Matthew Kozlowski, divulges why he believes that summer camp is the perfect opportunity for formation to happen in the life of a youth.
  • “The Camp Dance” – In this piece from the Shrine Mont Camps blog, the Rev. John Ohmer touches on the message of inclusion and ‘un-self-consciousness’ found at camp dances.July6th009
  • “Why the Church Needs a High Camp-ology.” – Connor Gwin, a current seminarian and the 2014 Shrine Mont Camps staff chaplain, writes on how the radical hospitality and non-conformity of summer camp should be an example for all churches.

By Meg Schwarz, Assistant for Christian Formation

Posted by DioStaff

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