lightstock_134571_medium_user_5219415 Instagram, an app used for mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing, is quickly becoming as relevant to the social media world as Facebook or Twitter. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which rely heavily on text and dialogue, Instagram’s primary purpose is visual. Users can either upload a photo or video saved in their phone, or take a picture or video within the Instagram app, and then apply a digital filter before posting. Once posted, an Instagram user’s followers can see the photo or video and are given the option to click “like” or “comment.” Instagram is a primarily mobile app.

Instagram offers users the ability to share their life with friends and family through the use of images and videos, rather than status updates or text-heavy posts. The option for conversation and commentary exists within Instagram, but the primary focus is using the image as the message. Getting set up with Instagram is as easy as downloading the free app to your smartphone!

While churches are aware of the need for a Facebook page, Twitter handle or blog to reach members and potential members, Instagram is relatively new as a tool for the faith community. We’ve compiled a few compelling lists that highlight the ways you can use Instagram in your own church:

InstagramFind us on Instagram (thedioceseva) and follow along as we participate in The Society of Saint John the Evangelist’s global Advent calendar using the hashtag #Adventword. Each day during Advent, we will post a picture inspired by SSJE’s word of the day. We invite you to participate. Learn more.




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