By Stephanie Gurnsey Higgins, Bishop’s Assistant for Congregational Support

This past fall, a team from the Diocese of Virginia attended the “Sacred Fundraising, Secular Tools” Symposium at the Episcopal Church Center in New York. Several attendees offer reflections on what they learned on the DioDocs blog.

19854Instructors and facilitators say that when you are ready you will hear what you need to hear. I have copious notes from the Development Symposium full of wonderful ideas for making our stewardship programming more robust. And then I heard this:

People give to people based on shared values.

One person at a time;

One story at a time;

One thank you at a time.

The work I’ve been doing lately is integrating the work I do for the Diocese of Virginia with the work I do for our congregations. It has reminded me that the goal for what I do doesn’t change depending on the audience. We are still telling a story – to one person at a time.

How can we do all we need to and still connect with one person at a time?

The answer that has stuck with me is that this is not a one person job. This is something we all do. We all build relationships – both within our congregations and with others in our community – and it is through these connections that we tell the story of Christ in our lives – one person at a time

More Reflections from the Development Symposium



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