Over the course of several months, pastors and scholars of various denominations worked together to create a Starter Kit for Teaching & Learning About Mass Incarceration. Unveiled earlier this month at the National Council of Churches Christian Unity Gathering in Washington, D.C., this is a valuable resource that can be used in not only congregations, but also in schools and community systems.

“The Starter Kit for Teaching and Learning on Mass Incarceration is designed to be an educational resource toolbox for teaching and learning. The objective is to place in conversation facts about incarceration in the United States and values and teachings of Christian communities for teaching and learning. The Christian life involves making visible God’s continuing action in the world. Materials and exercises in this resource aim to nurture and encourage reflection and action on mass incarceration and the Church’s mission to become salt, light, and leaven in the world.”
We encourage you to make use of this resource and be on the lookout for a similarly organized resource in 2016, Starter Kit for Interfaith Engagement & Peacemaking.

Posted by DioStaff

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