This is the first of an e-article series highlighting the ministries and programs that have benefitted from receiving a Mustard Seed Grant. The stories and photographs of how these grants have aided our churches are a testament to the power of both our financial and prayerful support within our Diocese.

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there.’ And it will move.” –Matthew 17:20

How many times in your parish has there been a passion to start a new, transformative ministry but the number one question becomes, ‘where do we get the money’? Sometimes a passion needs a little seed money to grow into a transformative outreach project.

Each year the Diocese of Virginia provides churches, regions, committees, college chaplaincies, and related organizations of the Diocese the opportunity to apply for a Mustard Seed Grant. Grants are available in areas of youth and college ministries, local outreach, world mission and strengthening churches. Awards typically range from $500-$5,000.

Since 2002, over 200 Mustard Seed Grants have been granted to 132 organizations totaling to $1.9 million. They grow community gardens to feed the hungry and transform local communities. They build handicapped accessible amenities to strengthen our congregations. They reach the wider Anglican Communion through developing strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. And they empower young people through education.

The Diocese would like to thank all of our Friends in Christ who answered the Bishop’s appeal to raise funds for these grants. Thanks to your generosity, 165 donors raised $26,385 to transform diocesan parish ministries. This year, Executive Board reviewed grant applications on April 30, 2015 and approved all 13 grant requests for a total amount of $46,634.
We are excited to share with you the programs that were awarded grants this year.

Please hold these vital ministries in your prayers:

                                                                    Local Outreach

St. George's, Fredericksburg The Table

  • Emmanuel Brook Hill, Richmond: Community Garden, $2,585
  • Meade Memorial, Alexandria: Technology for Outreach Ministry, $5,000
  • Peter Paul Development Center, Richmond: Mentoring Program, $3,450
  • George’s, Fredericksburg: Cooking Classes for The Table, $5,000
  • Mark’s, Richmond: One Day Seminar on Aging Well, $1,450
  • Paul’s, Alexandria: Expansion of Lazarus Ministry, $5,000
  • Peter’s, Oak Grove: Adult ESL Ministry, $950
  • Philip’s, Richmond: Expansion of Vacation Bible School, $1,000

Strengthening Existing Churches Strengthening Congregations

  • John’s, Tappahannock, and Anne Rigg’s Chapter of Daughters of the King: Portable Labyrinth for Community, $2,199
  • Matthew’s, Richmond: Installation of Accessible Restrooms, $5,000

StPetersDominicanRepublicWorld Mission 

  • Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria: Assist Parish in Malawi, $5,000
  • Peter’s, Arlington: DR Mission 2015: Rebuilding a Future, $5,000
  • Trinity, Washington: Build an Outdoor Toilet for Haiti Parish, $5,000

Look for a new post every Friday over the next few months. DioDocs will feature stories from previous Mustard Seed Grant recipients. To learn more information about the Mustard Seed Grant Fund, please visit here. Follow along with Mission and Outreach by liking their Facebook page.

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  1. AWESOME visions – FANTASTIC support – we are blessed even as we seek to be a blessing. Thank goodness for Mustard Seed Grants…


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