On the Tuesdays during Lent, the Stewardship of Creation Committee invites you to fast from sunup to sundown. It is a joint Lenten fast between the Diocese of Davao and the Diocese of Virginia.

While fasting is a spiritual discipline at all times, during Lent it takes on added significance because of Jesus’ own fast of 40 days in the wilderness and the Lenten focus on simplicity. By denying ourselves, we learn insights into our dependence on the fruits of the earth – gracious gifts of sustenance that God provides, our indulgence of those fruits, and our misuse of the earth from which they come.

The Stewardship of Creation Committee encourages you to listen to this brief talk by Bishop Jonathan Casimina of the Diocese of Davao, one of the “eco-bishops” of the Anglican Communion; he speaks passionately about the suffering caused by the typhoons which devastated the Philippines and eloquently about our collective responsibilities to practice “climate justice,” to do all we can to curtail the causes of climate change.

And while you fast, keeps this prayer in your mind:
Dear God, help us this day to keep the fast, teach us how interdependent we are with all forms of life, and show us how to practice climate justice so that all living things might flourish. Amen.


Posted by Diocesan Communications

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