Joint Lenten Tuesday Fast
Diocese of Davao and the Diocese of Virginia
Stewardship of Creation Committee

On the Tuesdays during Lent, the Stewardship of Creation Committee invites you to fast from food from sunup to sundown. For those who are fasting, planning to fast, or even imagining keeping a fast, here are some thoughts and a prayer:

Fasting is a spiritual practice and one of the Lenten disciplines. Like other practices, such as prayer or observing the Sabbath, fasting operates on multiple levels. In a fast, we deprive our bodies of food, and so we experience the fast acutely in our stomachs. At the same time, as we keep a fast, we honor our deep intention to explore and savor the presence of God who animates and sustains life in all its forms.

Reflection from the Rev. Neal Halvorson-Taylor:

I am very impressed by the work of a women’s cooperative in the Philippines called ARSK (Agraryong Reporma Samahang Kababaihan). Here’s its Facebook page. The women fought long and hard with the government to make it honor land reform legislation to restore land confiscated by the government for its cronies. In their quest for justice, two of the three original organizers were murdered by those above the law. Still they fought on and justice was done. ARSK harvests coconuts and makes oil, water, chips, coffee, and more from the fruit. The women are devoted to the ecological care of their coconut groves.

And while you fast, keeps this prayer in your mind:

Dear God, as we feel this fast in our bodies, bless us with your presence. And may we also give thanks for the spiritual and ecological resilience of the women of ARSK. Amen.

Posted by Diocesan Communications

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