Joint Lenten Tuesday Fast
Diocese of Davao and the Diocese of Virginia
Stewardship of Creation Committee

On the Tuesdays during Lent, the Stewardship of Creation Committee invites you to fast from food from sunup to sundown. For those who are fasting, planning to fast, or even imagining keeping a fast, here are some thoughts and a prayer.

Reflection from the Rev. Neal Halvorson-Taylor:

Fasting from food engages the whole person—the mind, body, and spirit. When we fast, there’s no mindless eating. With an empty stomach, there’s only mindful not-eating. The hungry body alerts the mind; and, by not satisfying the hunger, the mind hums with one part anxiety for food and one part clarity that the hunger is intentional. By sacrificing satiation, the mind instead realizes, “There is something happening here to which I need to be aware.” And, counter-intuitively, fasting feeds the spirit. Undergirding the body and the mind is the spiritual force of grace and love—Lenten powers, no doubt.

A year ago, seventeen Anglican bishops gathered in South Africa to discuss theology and ecology. On Good Friday 2015, they released this missive—The World Is Our Host: A Call to Urgent Action for Climate Change. I highly recommend it to you as the subject of another Lenten practice—study.

And while you fast, keeps this prayer in your mind:

Dear God, as we fast this day, fill our mind, body, spirit with your attentive care and call us to join in your active care for the earth and all living things. Amen.

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