Joint Lenten Tuesday Fast
Diocese of Davao and the Diocese of Virginia
Stewardship of Creation Committee

On the Tuesdays during Lent, the Stewardship of Creation Committee invites you to fast from food from sunup to sundown. For those who are fasting, planning to fast, or even imagining keeping a fast, here are some thoughts and a prayer.

Reflection from the Rev. Neal Halvorson-Taylor:

In Lent, we often give up things to mark the season as different from other times of the year. We sacrifice the taste of chocolate or snacks between meals or food on Tuesdays during the daylight hours. We do so, in part, because Jesus made a more costly sacrifice on the cross. Even before he went to Golgotha, though, his was a ministry of giving up, of letting go. It was not acquiescence; Jesus actively and bravely “gave up” ruling over people, marginalizing those living in poverty, ostracizing those deemed unclean. He “let go” of his privilege and popularity. And what he took on, what he embodied, preached, and taught instead was the reign of God, a movement, a force of indefatigable goodness, grace, and justice—a righting, a redeeming of all the horrors of “othering” people (demonizing or scapegoating or abusing other people).

As you give up food this day, align yourself with God’s reign and be in harmony with all people, especially with those whom you may judge or with those out of tune with society’s dominant melodies. For, in letting go, you may experience the redeeming embrace of the one who died on the cross, “others,” all living things, and the earth itself.

And while you fast, keeps this prayer in your mind:

Dear God, help me to let go so that you might take what I have and transform it into what the world needs. Amen.

Featured Image via Unsplash by Forrest Cavale

Posted by Diocesan Communications

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