Our 2016 “Connected in the Kingdom” theme has highlighted the impact of abundant, transformational ministries across the Diocese of Virginia. We are eager for our 2017 theme to continue this narrative of how we use the gifts that God gives us to do the work God calls us to do.

The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia are a church on the move, and one that walks in the love of Jesus Christ every day. This has led us to choose “Walk in Love” from Ephesians 5:2 as the 2017 Convention theme.

But to make this theme really work, we enlisted the help of everyone attending Diocesan Annual Council at Epiphany, Herndon, in March. We asked each person to express what this means in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia …to bring relevance, authenticity and context to how we “walk in love as Christ loved us.”

Tapping into their verbal creativity, participants texted single words—verbs specifically—that describe how they experience the way we “walk in love.” They thought of words that describe their personal ministries – how  they walk in love; how they experience their church walking in love; or how they see walking in love in action across the Diocese of Virginia.

As an example, when many hear our new Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, speak, they
hear him say, “Go!” His verb is, “Go!” Whatever the verb, these words are important to the ministries across the Diocese of Virginia and are vital to the narrative we tell.

The words sent during Council created a word cloud that represents how the Holy Spirit
works and acts through us across the Diocese to “Walk in Love.”

BUT … at the heart of this fun was the opportunity for 2016 Council attendees to create
the logo for our 2017 Diocesan Convention … a word cloud logo that authentically represents how we “walk in love” in the Diocese of Virginia!

So stay tuned for even more of how we “walk in love as Christ loved us.”


By: Julie Simonton, Officer of Congregational Development & Stewardship

Posted by Diocesan Communications

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