This letter was sent from the Church Pension Group to all administrators on June 17, 2016 in response to the Orlando shooting. Please read below to learn about support and information on available resources. 

Dear Administrators:

We join with people across the Church and across this country who are saddened and dismayed by the senseless shooting in Orlando early Sunday morning. We add our prayers to the many who seek peace, and we pray for the families and friends of those who were killed or injured.

Our Cigna Behavioral Health representatives have reached out to us with offers of support and information on available resources for all those who may be affected by this tragedy.

In addition to those covered by Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program offered through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust, Cigna is extending support for non-members through July 8, 2016. Please share this with your churches, parishioners, or anyone whom you feel may benefit from it:

Excerpts from Cigna Behavioral Health:

Cigna Behavioral Health’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) team is also offering, through July 8, 2016, free telephonic consultation with our licensed clinicians for those who are coping with the recent tragedy. For those individuals who may not have access to web resources or who could benefit from talking with a qualified clinician regarding the stress of this tragedy, qualified clinicians are available for non-Cigna EAP customers at 866-912-1687, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During times of uncertainty and change, whether responding to a bombing, a mass shooting, a hurricane, returning to work after evacuation, or dealing with any traumatic event, it is especially important to focus on taking good care of ourselves. The following information from Cigna provides some helpful ideas on physical, mental, and emotional self-care during turbulent times.

At our manager link, you can access a recorded educational seminar at any time. This seminar covers such topics as how to support employees in a disaster and how Cigna can help.

Accessing Manager Resources – go to the following site: > Under Benefits Managers, Access More (including our Disaster Resource Center)

At our customer site, are links to many educational handouts on disaster response for employees along with links to community resources for recovery. A recorded educational seminar for employees is available at this site to access anytime, which covers such topics as how people respond to a disaster, how to take care of yourself, and how to support others following a disaster.

Accessing Resources for Your People – go to the following site: > Under Members, Access More (including our Disaster Resource Center)


Mr. Pat Rasile, Director
The Rev. Robert Griffith, Assoc. Business Analyst
Mr. Stokes Liles, Program Coordinator

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