This past May, the Diocese of Virginia hosted the Rt. Rev. Paul Bayes, the Bishop of the Diocese of Liverpool in the Church of England. Bishop Bayes was one of the keynote speakers during the Bishop’s Spring Conference at Shrine Mont. During that time, he sat down with the Diocesan communications team to talk about how working for justice is the greatest kind of evangelism Christians have.

The Diocese of Virginia has partnered with the Diocese of Texas to be a part of their LOGOS Project. On the website it says,  “The LOGOS project is a video series presenting global faith leaders offering their expertise on theological, practical and spiritual subjects. These videos are free and available for any person or congregation for personal or teaching opportunities.” Check it out!

Bishop Bayes’ video (below) is available for download here. As Bishop Bayes states, “You will have your own image of just what it means to be a Christian in these days. It is a privilege to be of the world’s communion and I’m grateful to God that that communion remains unbroken. It’s a privilege to be in the communion with you and with all those who are members of the Anglican family bearing the name of Jesus Christ and bringing more justice in the world.”

Feature Image by Sue Cromer

Posted by Diocesan Communications

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