St. Paul’s, Ivy, in the Charlottesville area made a commitment a few months ago to revitalize the children’s section of our library.

We had established a main library and were in need of additional space for the adult section. We moved the children’s books near their classrooms for easy accessibility, but the selection was limited, outdated and easy to pass by. Since January, thanks to our supportive rector, the Rev. Eric Liles, and vestry, we have purchased over 200 books for the learning and enjoyment of our youngest parishioners. As our community includes many young families with small children, we concentrated on books appropriate for ages 3 to 8. The Children’s Library consists of three bookcases, a display unit, a table and rocking chairs located in the hallway outside the classrooms.

It was only after communicating with the diocesan offices and the VTS Center for the Ministry of Teaching that we discovered we were charting new territory. With no rules or guidelines to follow, we made our own book selections. We shopped at used book stores, Christian book stores, and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Cokesbury and Paraclete Press. The books were selected, reorganized and displayed by subject. Local author Kim Schmidt came to read her newly published book, and two more local authors, Marc Boston and Joseph Hicks, are scheduled to read in the fall. By the end of May, we fulfilled our purpose of bringing joy to many children and parents in our church.


Local author Kim Schmidt reads her new book “Listen” with Director of Children’s Formation Audi Barlow and parent Jaime Brady.



HeadshotBy: Cass Morris

Cass Morris has been a member of St. Paul’s, Ivy, since 1994 where she was the Christian Education Coordinator from 2000-2007. She enjoys working in Outreach and the Children’s Library and is a member of the current Vestry.

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