Campers and counselors are some of the many characters that make up Shrine Mont Camps every summer. These camps wouldn’t function without any one of them. We’ve asked them to #ShoutIt from the mountain what they love about Shrine Mont Camps, what gives them joy, what brings them back year after year, and where they see God on the mountain. These are the characters of camp.

Characters of Camp 2016-2

“If it weren’t for this mountain, I don’t know that there would be a faith to transform but my spirituality is solidified every time I come to Shrine Mont. Especially during the camp season, I’m able to see the message of God here. I’m able to see all of the love that is preached in the Bible and all of the compassion amongst everyone and the unconditional love that we all have for one another. And that’s such a powerful thing to witness and experience.”


Characters of Camp 2016-28


“Mostly I’ve found him [God] everywhere, but mostly in my heart. I was scared the first time I came here but now I know that I don’t have to be scared because I have friends here that help me and that’s pretty cool.”



Characters of Camp 2016-5

“I love coming back to the Mountain because my sister started coming when she was really young. And I was really inspired because she was always telling me about the great times that she had and all the fun things that happened and all the amazing counselors and other campers. I wanted to come and, when I did, I saw it was basically a home away from home with a new family and you get to do so many awesome fun things every single day.”


Characters of Camp 2016-31

“Shrine Mont is the place where I know God best. It’s the place that I have community. It’s the place where I am accepted, challenged and loved. It’s the place where I can be myself. No one is too cool for anything. Everyone is here. Everyone is present. We don’t have to worry about anything happening back home or school or stress. We can all just be ourselves and live in the moment, enjoy each other and this beautiful place.”


Characters of Camp 2016-47

“This is my first year. I actually saw heaven yesterday walking back from our pool party. There were big clouds in the sky. I imagine heaven as a big clouded space with beautiful colors. And I’ve only seen that at Shrine Mont.”




Characters of Camp 2016-29

“This is my first year and it’s pretty awesome. Counselors have taught me how to be very loving and kind to one another and how to respect yourself, basically. I’ve really learned about faith, like in Chaplain’s time. That really helps me build up my character and have faith in myself and in what I do.”

For more Characters of Camp Photos, visit the Shrine Mont Camps Blog.


By: Ashley Cameron, Communications Associate for the Diocese of Virginia

Posted by Diocesan Communications

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