The Rev. David May, rector of Grace Church in Kilmarnock, was our moderator for this year’s edition of Stories of the Diocese. As we have during the last couple of annual meetings (at least the ones that weren’t snowed out!) we’re showcasing a few ministries from around the Diocese. All of your churches could be up on this stage highlighting all that you do, but then we would be here long past checkout time.

We kicked things off with a panel discussion titled “Faith in the Public Square” – an open, civil, and forthright discussion recognizing that disagreement does not equal disrespect. Our panelists included:

  • The Reverend Daniel Robayo- rector of Emmanuel Church, Harrisonburg.
  • Dena Battle – a parishioner at Grace Church, Alexandria and co-founder/ President of KCCure, a non-profit dedicated to raising money to cure kidney cancer.
  • Tucker Eskew – a parishioner at St. Paul’s, Alexandria, former press secretary to South Carolina Governer Carroll Campbell and counselor to both Bush/ Cheney campaigns.
  • Zeyneb Sayilgan – senior fellow for Peace and Reconciliation at VTS’s Center for Anglican Communion Studies.
  • The Rev. Deacon Ed Jones – secretary and chief of staff of the Diocese of Virginia moderated this panel


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