The Diocese of Virginia has relationships all across the Anglican Communion. It is these relationships that remind us that we are a part of a global Church facing global issues. As our final Story of the Diocese Buck Blanchard, Director of Mission and Outreach, introduced video greetings from several of our partners in ministry from around the world.

These included messages from:

  • Bishop Bayes – Diocese of Liverpool
  • Bishop Sarfo – Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana
  • Bishop Dhilo – Diocese of Sri Lanka [unfortunately, this video seems to be cutting off in mid-play. We’ll work on it and upload a corrected version as soon as we can.]
  • Greg Lowden – Iniciativa Guatemala
  • Bishop Desire – Diocese of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo [pictured above at his recent consecration with his wife, Claudaline]
  • Bishop Francisco – Diocese of Brazil [thankfully our a/v crew was able to play this video horizontally at convention but now it appears only vertically for us]
  • Brother Andrew – Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Jordan

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