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Celebrating Epiphany

By Meg Schwarz, Assistant for Christian Formation I’m sure that many of us could easily take a step back from our lives and view them through seasonal lenses, as distinct periods of time marked by […]

Focusing on God’s Abundant Grace

By the Rev. Kathy Guin, Rector of St. Margaret’s, Woodbridge One of the great gifts about going to a conference is that you get to meet new people and this was definitely the case when […]

Church Blogging

We’ve been blogging away here at DioDocs now for almost two full years! That adds up to 148 posts on everything from worship to communications, from finance to mission – all with a focus on […]

Staff Development

At the diocesan offices, we spend a good deal of time thinking about how we can better equip our staff to serve our Diocese better. That might mean creating new resources, hosting new workshops or […]

Easing Social Media Anxiety

Many of us are involved in social media in our personal lives. We have Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards or Instagram pics. But applying those same technologies to the church world can seem more […]