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Stewards of Creation

Virginia Theological Seminary delivers energy-saving returns Virginia Theological Seminary is finding ways to save energy as it adds buildings to its campus. Five years after construction of Alexandria’s first government-certified, single-family residences, the seminary’s two […]

Churches Working Together in Community

In some parts of the 80,000-strong Diocese of Virginia, The Episcopal Church is like a Starbucks coffee shop, with a church, it seems, on every corner. Those communities are being touched by God in many ways.

We All Need to Be Good Deacons

So prepare yourselves, deacons-to-be, for the transformational work ahead: proclaimers of the Gospel, headwaiters at the table, interpreters of the world, agents in charge of “raising Cain.” Your transformative power will be directed at a […]


Studying Your Congregation & Community

When it comes to community engagement and outreach; or to strengthening your congregation; or to communications strategy, there’s one rule of thumb that crosses all boundaries and is always a good idea: Know your audience. […]

Mary Thorpe

A Pastoral Response: The Withering of a Church Between Two Pastors

By the Rev. Mary Brennan Thorpe, Director of Transition Ministry, Diocese of Virginia Journeys to a new place are usually marked by a sense of disorientation, worry, hopeful nervousness and questions. Not surprisingly, the foremost […]