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More Copyright Resources

Back in July, we recommended a couple of top-notch resources to help keep churches in line with copyright compliance regulations. It can be a pretty intimidating field for churches to consider, so we thought it […]

Digital Publishing Resources

The Diocese is about to publish the eighth issue and complete the second year of the Virginia Episcopalian magazine. We thought this would be a good opportunity to share a few of the electronic communication […]

DioVa Webinars: Social Media

We were beyond excited to host our first diocesan-wide webinar last week – and it was quite a success! The focus of this free webinar was “Thinking Outside the Box with Social Media.” Almost 100 […]

Is Your Church Using Social Media?

Church communication continues to evolve with social media. While many churches are already taking advantage of the benefits of using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, others are unclear of the benefits or […]

Navigating the Navigation

One communications obstacle that can be particularly tricky for church communicators is pinpointing the perfect website navigation menu for your congregation. This can be so difficult in part because, for most of us, we’re trying […]