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More Can’t-Miss Communications Tools

Creative Commons is “a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.” The idea here is to license your work – say, a brochure produced by a […]

Minding Media for Churches

So, your church has great programming and worthwhile events, and is ready to be a presence in the local community. The challenge for many congregations is making that presence known. Reaching out to local media […]

Tweet Much?

Twitter can be a bit of an intimidating field to conquer in church communications. We have to ask ourselves some important questions: Are our intended audiences already “on” Twitter? With a limited amount of time, […]

Communications: Easy Tips, Free Resources

After spending a few days surrounded by Episcopal communicators from across the globe at the annual Episcopal Communicators Conference, I have a LOT of new info to share – so let’s get to it! Values […]

Communications Conference Quick Quotes

I’m spending a few days in San Diego with about 115 other Episcopal communicators this week. We’re doing some networking, sharing some best practices, and learning about resources to take back to our dioceses and […]