Tag: Congregational Resources

New Online Resources

We’re excited to unveil some updates, improvements and brand new offerings available on the diocesan website to enable your ministry! Join us for a quick tour. Getting Around Our new Navigation System at thediocese.net includes […]

Special Needs Ministries

We reached out to churches in our Diocese and asked the question, “How does your church minister to children and families with special needs?” We’ve compiled their answers in the interest of opening up the […]

DioVaVibrancy Resources

This week, we’re releasing a special digital series on thediocese.net. In “Studies in Vibrancy,” we take a close look at five churches that have experienced growth in the past few years. If you’re interested in […]

Throw Out Your Old Policy Manual

The newly revised Policy Manual for Abuse and Misconduct Prevention and Response offers readers guidelines that are more concise, readable and representative of the realities of a 21st-century church. If your church keeps paper copies […]

Community of Hope

“The Lord planted the seed, the Lord gave the increase, and a spiritual community for calling disciples took root.” The Rev. Dr. Helen Appelberg, Founder, COH St. Aidan’s, Alexandria, and St. Margaret’s, Woodbridge, are joining […]