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Join us in a Joint Lenten Fast

On the Tuesdays during Lent, the Stewardship of Creation Committee invites you to fast from sunup to sundown. It is a joint Lenten fast between the Diocese of Davao and the Diocese of Virginia. While […]

Be Inspired This Lenten Season

  We understand that Lent is already a couple of days in, but in the event that you still have a little bit of room in your calendar or would simply like to know what […]

Lent Madness

It’s that time of year again, folks! Lent Madness! If you are unfamiliar with Lent Madness and its bracketology: The brainchild of Rev. Tim Schenck, Lent Madness began on his blog, “Clergy Family Confidential.” The […]

Lent: An Interior Journey

In his invitation to a holy Lent, “The Grace of Lent,” Bishop Johnston outlines 12 take-away messages from the sermons of St. Leo the great as a different way to experience the Lenten season. Lent […]

Book Club Blogging for Lent

Members of St. Stephen’s Church, Richmond will observe the season with a Lenten Book Club, and you’re invited to join. Participants can share thoughts and reflections on two popular titles on faith and relationships: The […]